Spiros Dimitrakoulas is a Greek Reflexologist, born 1971 in Montreal. His Reflexology journey began in 1992 at the early age of 21. By chance he started learning and working next to a successful general physician Dr. Haralampos Hagikokolis who holds a private practice in Athens and was one of the pioneers of Reflexology in Greece.

Years later he completed the formal two year Reflexology training in Greece. Since 2005 he holds his own practice in Athens and also since 2011 another office in the agricultural city of Argos where he mostly sees farmers.

Early on Spiros got involved in the Hellenic Association of Reflexologists (HAR) proceedings and the politics surrounding our profession. From chief editor of the magazine, to European representative, to Association President and then Chair of the European Network of Reflexologists Spiros got to know Reflexologists and different examples of Reflexology from around the world which led him to see things always open minded.

Since 2009 he has been teaching the two year qualification Reflexology course at Natural Health Science in Athens. He has also taught in a kindergarten as part of an anti bullying program but also in an Agricultural prison to inmates as part of a training program for their personal developement.

Spiros stimulated by the teachings of Hippocrates, Galen and other Greek physicians, of Greece’s classical era, developed Orthopedic Reflexology (OR) and teaches the method since 2010.

He has been the major contributor of integrating Reflexology (for palliative patients) into the Pain Management and Palliative Care clinic of the University hospital Aretaieio where he worked voluntarily for 16 months, and the Oncologic clinic “Marianna V. Vardinogianni” of the Children’s Hospital “Aghia Sophia” (offering to caregivers), both in Athens. He has also given lectures and workshops to physiotherapy and palliative congresses in Greece. For ten continuous years he was also the team leader of the volunteers offering Reflexology & massage at the Athens Authentic Marathon.  He has offered a short training program to inmates at the Tyrinth Agricultural Prison and is currently working with the National Mens Handball team of Greece.